Ofertas entre amigos :)

O Bazr é uma plataforma mobile para anúncio de ofertas, bastando fazer login com sua conta do Facebook. Nele, você escolhe se quer negociar com amigos, ou com pessoas localizadas próximas a você. Tudo isso, de forma simples e intuitiva.


Em breve para iPhone e Android. De graça!

Is Bazr just another sales app?

No, Bazr is an evolution of the mobile sales app.

Besides being a sales tools, Bazr provides a unique feature in the Brazilian market: letting users choose whether to buy or sell products to friends or to people who are located nearby.

Bazr aims to provide more streamlined, friendly, and safe sales experience to its users.

It's a place where people will find interesting, unique, and charming products.

Easy start

Signing up is easy. Users can access Bazr through their Facebook account.

Personal profile page

Each user has a personal profile page featuring products for sale, products they want to buy, or products on their wish list.

The user decides whom he wants to negotiate with

At Bazr users decide if they want to make deals with their Facebook friends or with other users located nearby.

Purchasing is easy

The shopping experience if fun and easy to navigate. Once they find a product that they like, users can either purchase it, negotiate the price, or add it to their wishlist with dedicated buttons.

Selling is easy

Selling a product is also easy. Users can upload up to 6 photos, write about the product, and use hashtags.

Why Bazr has great potential

No other app in Brazil matches the Bazr shopping experience. With its unique mix of visual design and ease of navigation, Bazr will surely pop in the Brazilian market.

Bazr is going to be the place to find cool, different, and charming products.

We believe that as the user base increases future opportunities to partner with strong brands will arise, increasing the sales numbers as well.

Bazr has the potential to expand beyond mobile, into a wider platform.

Has Bazr launched yet?

Not yet. It will be made available in the iPhone and Android app stores soon.

Let me know when Bazr is launched.

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